The 40 Key Things To Do To Prepare For Your Kids' Birthday Party

birthday party checklist

Kids Birthday Party Checklist

If you’ve ever planned a child’s birthday party, you know how stressful it can sometimes be. Our Kids’ Birthday Party Checklist was built to help reduce some of the stress and help you along the way. Some of these may not apply to your situation, but we’ve seen that most of these are key elements of a birthday party.

Six Weeks Before:

  1. Print this Kids Birthday Party Checklist
  2. Determine your party budget
  3. Choose a theme with your child
  4. Determine your guest list
  5. Decide your location (home or party venue)
  6. Reserve your party venue (check out our searchable birthday venue directory)
  7. Settle on a date

Four Weeks Before:

  1. If inviting classmates, ask for an updated class list from your child’s teacher
  2. Prepare your invitations, here some options for online invitations
  3. Determine games, activities, and menu to match your party theme
  4. If you plan on hiring entertainment (bounce house, magician, face painter, etc.) book now
  5. If you are hiring a photographer go ahead and book them now
  6. Prepare your menu and decor
  7. If ordering a cake or desserts place your order

Three Weeks Before:

  1. Send out your child’s birthday invitations
  2. Purchase party supplies, goodie bags, and décor, especially if ordering on-line
  3. Arrange for extra help, if necessary
  4. Make your grocery list for the menu

Two Weeks Before:

  1. Prepare any homemade decorations or order them
  2. Consider creating a photo station to capture the birthday girl or boy with their friends, see examples of DIY balloon arches from Cool Mom Picks here
  3. Purchase more party supplies as needed
  4. Buy clothes and accessories for the birthday boy or girl as needed

One Week Before:

  1. Reach out to families who have not yet responded to your invitation
  2. Assemble the goodie bags or party favors with name tags
  3. Confirm your expectations with your cake designer, caterer, entertainers, etc.

Three Days Before:

  1. Purchase food
  2. Charge video camera and If needed purchase batteries for camera
  3. Ensure your memory cards have sufficient space
  4. Prepare a music playlist for the party
  5. Call party venue to confirm all details

One or Two Days Before:

  1. Bake cake if you haven’t ordered it or pick it up the day before the birthday
  2. Confirm help if using extra help
  3. Decorate your home or gather decorations for the party venue
  4. Prepare make-ahead food

Day of the Party:

  1. Pick up ordered cake if you haven’t already
  2. Set up the food table, gift table with goody bags set to go
  3. Finish up all last minute decorations
  4. Get the birthday boy or girl dressed up for the party
  5. Start the party and have fun!
  6. Make a list of the gifts and who gave them for the thank you notes

One Week After:

  1. Send thank-you notes!

There you have it. It seems like a lot, but when you break it down week by week, we promise this will be manageable. In the end, what’s important is that you and your child enjoy the birthday and create beautiful memories. Remember, always plan, prepare, and enjoy!

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