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About Us

Our Story

We wanted something new for our children

As our children started school and we started attending and hosting birthdays, we noticed throughout the year that we were going to the same birthday venues over and over again. We wanted to book a party at a new venue with a different and unique experience, so we asked our friends for referrals, we researched online and finally, after many clicks, phone calls and time we found a new venue.  

We asked friends if they had similar desires to discover new locations and surprisingly, everyone had the same need, but most parents didn’t have the time or felt overwhelmed with the quest to locate a new birthday venue for their child.

So why do we have this problem?

Today many parents search for birthday venues online, but there’s no great way to discover, research, and contact venues or providers. Each provider is their own small business, they may have a website or a Facebook page, but how are you going to find them? There’s no Open Table for Birthday venues…

EventCure as a community and platform, was born

Our mission is to help parents discover birthday venues and operators quickly and effectively. In doing so, we expose our children to different activities, parents save time, and providers can grow their business.  It’s a win-win-win.

So how does this work?

Launched in 2019 in Boston, Event Cure is the first site that allows you to easily search, price and compare birthday venues. The business started with the need to find new birthday places to celebrate a child’s birthday. It provides a list of curated locations that are highly searchable based on your budget, party type, location, and age group.

Once you narrow down venues that fit your criteria, you can then contact venues directly from Event Cure to request a quote.

We take the stress out of birthday planning by allowing parents or the party planners to get the information they need without having to go to multiple sites and making multiple calls, saving them hours of planning work.